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About Us

far•o supply co founders Wendy Wong and Kerry Flemington met back in 1997 in the Faculty of Architecture while studying Interior Design at the University of Manitoba. They bonded over their love of clean design, simple aesthetics, and outdoor adventures. In the early years of their friendship, they went on many mountain bike and camping outings, worked at the same design firms, and even took a trip to New Zealand with Habit for Humanity.  

Eventually, they met and married their amazing husbands a couple months apart from one another.  In 2004 Wendy and her husband founded Shine the Light Initiative which takes them to Javillar, Dominican Republic three times a year. Through the work of Shine the Light Initiative, Wendy began building relationships with the people who would eventually become the far•o supply co makers. When she first met them in 2014, a dream to partner with these incredible makers and to bring their products to Winnipeg began to form in the back of her mind.

Over a cup of tea in 2019, it became apparent to Wendy and Kerry that this could be more than a dream as they now had the time and energy to focus their attention on making this a reality! They could marry their love of design, leather goods and jewelry with helping out their fellow human beings. Once Wendy reached out to the makers in Javillar and they confirmed their interest in working together, far•o supply co was formed!

At far•o supply co, we design each piece based on our desire for quality leather goods and silver jewelry. Wendy and Kerry have travelled to the DR to work alongside each maker in their respective shops. Together they have sketched and worked through each design and chosen the materials to ensure they are viable and will stand the test of time.

All proceeds from the sales of far•o products support the Shine the Light Community & Job Training Centre in Javillar.